I was born and raised on Long Island  New York.  I was always a dreamer and a lover of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror. Some of my favorite all time TV shows that I still love are the original Dark Shadows, the original Twilight Zone series, Doctor Who, The Outer Limits (original) etc.

I came to California 25 years ago with my Mom and one of my brothers, after she and my Dad divorced.  Once here,  I fell in with a great crowd of Dr. Who fans who introduced me to other Sci-Fi fan clubs and Sci-Fi Conventions.  I also met Helen, my future wife and biggest supporter.  Together, we got into costuming and attending workshops where I learned a great deal from authors, actors, and those folks in the special effects departments.  All these experiences helped fire my imagination and I began writing short fan-fic stories for the club newsletters.  While my grammar skills made Helen wince a lot (she’s studying to be a teacher as I write this), both she and our friends enjoyed the stories and plotlines I came up with.

Then about 5 years ago my career in Real Estate took a downward spiral and I began to rewrite story-lines of shows to keep my spirits up and not fall into depression.  Soon I realized my rewriting efforts had taken on a completely different life from the original pieces I was watching.  I learned to create new characters and entirely new stories from scratch.  Drawing upon all my experiences and the things I learned from my Sci-Fi friends and the conventions, I began creating completely original pieces.  I brushed up on my grammar and punctuation and began researching agents and publishing as well.  I became a regular haunter of libraries doing my research as well as coffee shops where I worked on my first manuscript.

I’ve already completed one novel which I chose to self-publish through CreateSpace and Smashwords in order to have the widest availability in e-book formats.  Originally I tried the tradition publishing route, querying agents and sending out samples of the MS.  One agent asked for the entire MS but after 2 years wound up declining it.  However, she gave me a valuable critique of my work which led me to doing a major revision on the novel.  When I’d finished that version I decided not to wait another 2 years or more trying to go through agents again.  Especially after I’d read, in a number of places, that publishers and even agents will keep an eye on e-book sales to see which authors seem to know how to promote themselves and bring in good sales figures before even considering offering representation.  So now my first novel “The Bridge” is available for Kindle, I-books, Sony, Nook, and in trade paperback form through CreateSpace’s Print-On-Demand program.

Currently I’m working on 2 sequels to “The Bridge” and have several more in the planning stages.

I hope this helps you know me a little better and where I’m hoping to go with my writings.  You’ll find snippets from my novels here on my blog, as well as images of places that appear in the stories.   I’ll also be updates and progress reports about my efforts.

I’d love to hear some feedback from you all.  Take care and thanks for reading.